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Liffey College

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Liffey College is a private educational institution that is committed to contribute to the vitality of communities through integrity, leadership and service.


We planned to build their website from the ground up all the way from user discovery research, through theming and branding, and ending with QA, testing and launch.


User Experience

User experience was enhanced up to 89% with optimized interface for mobile, tablet and PC.

The Final Design
Only after initial development of an integrated marketing strategy we started production. We teamed up with Liffey College in many aspects. They would supply information of their work to enhance their website, and we would be in charge of design and development of the site.
With the profound effect of the modernized and eye-catching design, sleek and cutting edge responsive website was launched with optimized content.


By redesigning and developing the new website front-end, according to the latest mobile responsive design standards, Liffey College observed stupendous results for the year after implementation as compared to the previous year.


It was important to Liffey College that their site was fresh, modern, and could attract and educate prospective clients about their business and expertise.

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