Trends That Shape Web Development
June 10, 2019 odadmin

As front end developers who love design, we are aware that large typography is trending up, and so is the use of a lot of whitespace, as well as the use of more organic shapes and scribbles in design, but we will be focusing more on the web development trends expected to take off in 2019.

The Trends In Web Development

Mobile First Development And Design

You need your assets being delivered to a user’s device to be optimized. SEO, using a CDN, and having minified assets might not cut it depending on how media-heavy your website is; you might need an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) version of your website – the biggest benefit of this being page load time and excellent usability on mobile devices. Or maybe you might need a Progressive Web App instead.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps have been on the rise for a while. A Progressive Web App is basically a website that acts like a native mobile app; best used for websites with dynamic content. Native Mobile Apps definitely still have their place as PWA often don’t have access to native platform services (among other things), but tools exist to wrap PWA’s as native to counteract that. PWA’s should take off this year.

Design Systems

One of the biggest benefits of a design system (especially to a more recent adopter like myself) is the ability to reuse components easily, but not just that, the ability to speed up the development process. Expect design systems to become more the norm in web development in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

There are so many potential applications of AI in web development. The advance tools are used recently that use AI to detect a face and background and present you with a transparent file in .png for whatever you want to do. Expect more online tools and JS libraries using AI to pop-up in 2019.

Chatbots and Customer Experience

2018 saw the launch of many startups specializing in conversational bots. Not just bots that answer questions, but lead generating and maintaining bots that take care of your customers’ technical or customer support questions outside of business hours. These are just a few of the many web development trends that our developers consider as very likely to take off in 2019.

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